Research Facilities

WE2ST Technology Hub
In the last year, a group of CEE faculty, led by Prof. Tzahi Cath, worked diligently on acquiring a new, 10,000 ft2 water treatment research facility in Denver. The facility was owned by a midstream oil and gas (O&G) company (NGL-EP ( that operated the facility as a testbed for new wastewater treatment technologies for the O&G industry until two years ago.

In the summer of 2017 NGL-EP offered to donate the equipment in the facility to Mines. With close support from the Mines Foundation and the office of the Vice President for Research, Prof. Cath started extensive negotiations with NGL-EP to secure the donation of equipment (estimated at ~$800,000) and to transfer the lease agreement on the building to Mines. In parallel, Prof. Cath started discussions with the Zoma Foundation ( on donating funds to establish a new research center—focusing on developing innovative technologies for treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater. These discussions led to a generous donation of $1,500,000 to support the operations and research in the facility and for support of several graduate research fellowships.

In August 2018, after a year of negotiations, planning, and preparations, we have started operation in the facility and called it the Colorado Center of Sustainable WE2ST – Technology Hub. We have hired Dr. James Rosenblum, a former postdoctoral fellow at CU Boulder and a Staff Scientist at Jacobs Engineering, to oversee the operation of the facility and we have two inaugural projects starting soon—a $700K DOE grant in collaboration with UCLA on solar desalination, and a small project in collaboration with NREL on hydrokinetic energy desalination.