Water Tech Hub


Colorado School of Mines (Mines) has started the WE2ST Water Technology Hub (Water Hub) to promote academic-industry collaboration to solve municipal and industrial water problems across scales. The Water Hub is based out of our 10,000 sq. ft. R&D facility with high-bay labs, analytical/wet labs, and office space. The focus with upcoming projects will be to promote and expand capabilities for our four pillars: Produced Water, PFAs Treatability Testing, Potable Reuse, and Water-Energy Nexus; leading to future academic, industry, and technical service agreements in these areas.



The Water Hub’s mission is to create an incubator environment for start-ups and industry around water technologies, while also generating self-sustaining revenue through technical services and academic research funding. This will occur by utilizing our world-class research facility and personnel to cultivate relationships and innovative research to create a sustainable water research center.



  • Create a venue for development and demonstration of advanced water technologies that allow for improved efficiencies in water treatment, sensors, and smart systems to improve reuse among municipal and industrial users in Colorado and beyond.
  • Promote innovation and testing of industrial water treatment technologies to improve reuse operations in that industry or outside of it.
  • Aid technology transfer and demonstrations between start-ups, CSM/CU/CSU, utilities, and industry alike.
  • Provide an environment for start-ups and companies of any size to grow and connect with experts to allow for the growth of their business in the water space, by allowing access to our infrastructure, resources, and network.