ConocoPhillips Center for a Sustainable
Water-Energy Education, Science and Technology
I N T E R E S T :
S P R I N G 2 0 1 5
WE2ST celebrates
its first year with
a Grand Opening
Cheers to the Grand Opening of WE2ST
in the new space
The ConocoPhillips WE2ST
successful first year with a
Students present
their research at
Center celebrated a highly
move into a brand new space.
the first annual
On April 9th, representatives
from ConocoPhillips, members
of the Colorado School of
Mines Foundation, and
WE2ST enjoys a
sensational Spring
university executives gathered
Speaker Series
to meet the WE2ST leadership
team, to view the new space,
WE2ST Fellows
Fran Vallejo conveys her
and to raise a glass in
and Scholars are
celebration. Terry Parker, Fran
heavily involved in
enthusiasm for the new
Tzahi Cath and Terri Hogue
education and
ConocoPhillips WE2ST
Vallejo, and Terri Hogue each
toast to the new center and a
gave brief remarks before the
successful first year
grand toast.
First Annual WE2ST Research Symposium
On April 9th, after the Grand
worked all semester to prepare
T H I S I S S U E :
Opening, the celebration con-
their posters and oral research
tinued with the first annual
pitches. They competed with one
WE2ST Research Symposium.
another to impress the poster
ate Scholars
Eight Undergraduate Scholars
judges. The winning students, Liz
and five Graduate Fellows pre-
Bell, Kathryn Newhart, and Seth
sented posters highlighting their Suydam all received bookstore
research from the past year.
gift cards donated by David Eller-
Guests all gathered to enjoy an broek from AECOM. All of the
Guests mingle at the Research
elegant evening with drinks,
students did an amazing job and
Symposium as students
Career Panel
hors d’oeuvres, and a wealth of
represented WE2ST with excel-
scientific research. Students
present their research posters
Film Festival 3
New Space
Sophomore Scholar, Aspen Anderson,
WE2ST Fellows and Scholars pose for a
delivers a two minute research pitch
picture with ConocoPhillips representatives
about her work
at the Research Symposium

P A G E 2
Scholars Get Their Hands Dirty
The eight Undergraduate
different varieties of wetland
WE2ST Scholars have faced a
plant species to see which
steep learning curve this year
ones will thrive. The top per-
jumping into complex research
formers will be used in a pilot
topics and learning graduate
wetland system along with mi-
level research skills. Much of
crobial communities to treat
the fall semester was spent
produced water. Carley has an
“digging” into literature to get
internship with ConocoPhillips
up to speed, but this semester,
in Houston this summer. Kylie
two of the Scholars literally did will complete CSM Field Ses-
some digging! Carley Lauer and sion and then continue her re-
Austin Roberts
Kylie Ford, two Chemical Engi-
search with WE2ST. Other
neering majors, worked to-
Scholars also got their hands
prepares to work on
gether to set up some trial
dirty this semester working in
the mass
wetland plant experiments in
a variety of labs on various
Scholars Carley Lauer and Kylie Ford
the Mines Park greenhouse.
touring Denver Botanic Gardens (top)
These two Scholars are testing
and growing wetland plants in the
Mines Park greenhouse (bottom)
Fellows Engage with Local Community
“One of the most
The Graduate Fellows have been
in San Francisco and ACS in
valuable aspects of
busy both on and off campus this
Denver. In particular though,
semester. Collectively they have
Skylar Zilliox’s research on the
the series was the
presented at five different scien-
effectiveness of Memorandums
opportunity for
tific conferences, including AGU
of Understanding has taken her
out into the community of
WE2ST students and
Erie, CO where she fre-
faculty to enjoy
quently engages with local
explains his government and other key
numerous, rich
work at the
Austin Shaffer looks on as
stakeholders to get the pulse
on people’s attitudes toward
Skylar Zilliox addresses the
conversations with
Research unconventional energy devel-
crowd at a community
the speakers in
opment in their community.
meeting in Erie, CO
informal settings...”
Curriculum Corner: Spring Speaker Series
A second brand new graduate
Technical speakers invited spe-
Association. One of the most
seminar course for WE2ST Fel-
cifically for the graduate
valuable aspects of the series
lows was offered this semes-
course included Bridget
was the opportunity for
ter. It was titled Water Sus-
Scanlon from UT Austin, David
WE2ST students and faculty to
tainability and Energy Produc-
Ellerbroek and Jay Accashian
enjoy numerous, rich conver-
tion: Current Science and
from AECOM, and Robert Puls sations with the speakers in in-
Practice and was taught by
from University of Oklahoma.
formal settings such as at lunch
Terri Hogue and Andrea
On top of the technical speak-
or over coffee.
Blaine. Students explored rel-
er series, WE2ST hosted cam-
evant literature in depth and
pus wide seminars featuring
honed their technical commu-
Steve Crowell, CEO of
Students and faculty attend
nication skills through multiple
PlusPetrol, Patty Limerick, Di-
a seminar given by Bridget
individual and group oral
rector of the Center of the
Scanlon from UT Austin
presentations. In addition, stu-
American West at CU, and
dents enjoyed a fantastic
Tisha Schuller, President and
Students and faculty visit with
speaker series this spring.
CEO of Colorado Oil and Gas
guest speakers from AECOM

Engineering Week Career Panel
P A G E 3
In celebration of Engineering Week,
panel and moderated the discussion.
WE2ST hosted a career discussion-
The event was open to all CSM stu-
panel lunch on the CSM campus.
dents which resulted in a roomful of
The panel consisted of six engineers
almost 40 attendees curious to learn
from AECOM (many of whom are
about “a day in the life” of a profes-
CSM alumni) with varying back-
sional engineering consultant. Ques-
grounds and job descriptions ranging
tions focused on topics such as cur-
from technical new hires to experi-
rent and favorite projects, non-
enced upper management. Three
technical skills needed, work/life
WE2ST Scholars, Luis Servin,
balance, daily responsibilities, time
Luis Servin (far left), Kathryn Newhart and
Kathryn Newhart, and Austin Rob-
management, and transitioning from
Austin Roberts (far right) pose with a panel
erts, prepared questions for the
academia to industry.
of engineers after the discussion

Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Festival (CEFF). CEFF
and faculty manned a
WE2ST took place at the
WE2ST table for twelve
students American Mountain-
hours over two days at the
eering Center in Gold-
Eco Expo Exhibit Hall
en, CO drawing
which provided an excel-
Hogue crowds from Golden,
lent opportunity to engage
Boulder, and surround-
in dialogue with the
ing Denver communi-
crowds of film-goers. The
ties. Approximately
atmosphere was charged
This February, WE2ST seized an
sixty thought-
with passion brought on by
Kylie Ford and Carley
opportunity to step out and en-
provoking films were shown to
the power and beauty of
Lauer pet the wolf from
gage with the community at the
raise awareness of environmental
film which allowed for many
the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary
Colorado Environmental Film
and social issues. WE2ST students
energized conversations!
exhibit at CEFF
STEM Adventures in K-12 Outreach
nology, biomagnification, and ad-
speaker for Earth Day at Ralston
vanced water treatment. In a culmi-
Elementary. She presented “human
presents to
nating event, WE2ST hosted Shelton
impacts on the water cycle” to more
Math & Science night. More than
than 400 students.
fifteen WE2ST students and faculty
students on
facilitated hands-on research stations
Earth Day
at the event which saw more than
Education and outreach (E&O) con-
300 students and parents. On anoth-
tinues to be a cornerstone of the
er occasion, Andrea Blaine, WE2ST
WE2ST Center providing K-12 stu-
Assistant Director, was the invited
dents and teachers with fresh STEM
material and WE2ST students with
invaluable communication practice.
This spring, Amy Martin, WE2ST E&O
Specialist, delivered over 25 STEM
labs at Shelton Elementary. For each
lab, groups of WE2ST students were
able to accompany Amy to help facili-
tate the activities. Spring lab topics
Austin Shaffer helps a student with her
were chosen to coordinate with state
Amy Martin explains animal
water cycle bracelet (top) and Kylie Ford
curriculum standards and infuse cur-
adaptations to a group of 4th graders
helps students test water quality (bottom)
rent research into K-12 education; a
in a Shelton Elementary science lab
at Shelton Math & Science Night
few example topics include nanotech-

The ConocoPhillips Center for a Sustainable
WE2ST at Colorado School of Mines was
formulated to promote the joint
sustainability of unconventional energy
Colorado School of Mines
production and water resources through
1500 Illinois St.
education of water-energy literate graduate
Golden, CO 80401
and undergraduate students and by

conducting world-class research on critical
topics in the field.
Advisory Board:
Leadership Team:
Fran Vallejo, ConocoPhillips
Terri Hogue, Director
Samer Adham, ConocoPhillips
John McCray, Deputy Director
Sabrina Watkins, ConocoPhillips
Andrea Blaine, Assistant Director
Kim Senger, CSM Foundation
Jessica Smith, Community-Corporate Relations
Kevin Moore, CSM, CECS Dean
Amy Martin, Cynthia Howell, Education Outreach
Jackie Randell, Administrative Assistant
A New Space for WE2ST
Renovations were completed in Suite 120
of Chauvenet Hall creating a new space
for WE2ST. The finished center houses
the office for Andrea Blaine, WE2ST Assis-
tant Director, a desk for Jackie Randell,
the Administrative Assistant, and desks
for nine Graduate Fellows. In addition,
there is a conference room that seats 6-8
people. Move-in day was April 3rd, just 6
The new WE2ST
days before the Grand Opening!
conference room
The nation's "go-to" institution
Andrea Blaine, Assistant
Sabrina Watkins, Holly Keeton, Fran
for research, education and outreach
Director, poses by her
Vallejo, and Louis Salazar at the
in the water-energy nexus
new office
Grand Opening